National Opera House Event

The Three Little Pigs Presented by Miriam Lambert Puppeteer

18 February

Tickets: €8

Mummy pig is so proud of her little piglets, encouraging them to dream big and follow their hearts. Like all little ones, it’s not long before they’re all grown up and have to make a life for themselves. In this interactive solo puppet production, experience the three little pigs’ adventures and their encounter with a very hungry Big Bad Wolf.

Miriam Lambert has been at the heart of the Irish puppetry industry since her childhood, having grown up with the Lambert Puppet Theatre in Dublin. Trained by her mentor and father, the late Master puppeteer Eugene Lambert, she has played an integral part in the creation of many of the legendary puppet characters and performances in the renowned Lambert productions.

Miriam has developed her own unique signature shows which have taken her to Europe, Egypt, Iran, Pakistan and the Kennedy Centre in Washington DC. She is the quintessential travelling one-woman show who can travel anywhere with her entire show in a bag. Her unique and creative style of puppetry is a theatrical joy for both child and adult to behold.

The duration of the show is 45 minutes.