Stagemad Theatre Company presents Howie the Rookie

Stagemad Theatre Company presents Howie the Rookie
28 March 2019

Stagemad Theatre Company presents 

Howie the Rookie

This theatrical tour-de-force is not to be missed with a limited two night run . Fintan Kelly gives an astounding  performance as the howie and rookie lee.Howie tells a story. Then Rookie takes it up. Mark O’Rowe’s electrifying, epic tale is a wild, urban odyssey through a nightmare landscape, hilarious and grotesque by turns.

Meet the enormous Avalanche, monstrous on the bar stool in her white ski pants. Meet Ladyboy, a dangerous gangland thug with Siamese fighting fish and (it is rumoured) three sets of teeth. Meet Mouse, Howie’s younger brother. Meet the Howie. Meet the Rookie

This adrenaline-fuelled ride into Dublin’s underworld narrated first by the Howie, then picked up by the Rookie, unfolds within a landscape of feverish drinking, casual sex and visceral violence.  In this tale of two halves, we meet unforgettable characters from Ladyboy, the psychotic thug hellbent on avenging the deaths of his fighting fish, to monstrous Avalanche, looking for love from her bar stool. The critics have given the play high praise The Metro Hearld saying:“Electrifying performance… blistering script”“… this production underscores O’Rowe’s and Vaughan-Lawlor’s status as Ireland’s most exciting talents and one heck of a double act.”

Starring Fintan O'Kelly. Written by  Mark O’Rowe and directed by Stagemad's James Power.

4 & 5 April

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