A Celebration of Song and Story with St Bridget’s Day Care Centre

As part of the Bealtaine Festival and with the kind support from Wexford County Council Arts Office and Age Friendly Wexford, members of St. Bridget’s Day Care Centre worked with vocal specialist and community artist, Elizabeth Drwal and actor and musician Pete McCamley to explore songs which held meaningful memories to the participants. During their time together, the members were encouraged to sing these songs and share their stories which were inspired by the music.

Though the group only worked together for a short period of time, they instantly gelled and wished to share their experiences with friends and family. And so it was decided to gather together to perform for their invited guests in the Jerome Hynes Theatre in the National Opera House for a very special celebration. The event also included a gripping video montage which captured the participants memories and stories. They sang, spoke and even danced – all guided by the expertise of facilitators and community artists, Elizabeth Drwal and Pete McCamley, who created a warm, creative and joyous atmosphere. .

Speaking on behalf of St. Bridget’s Day Care Centre, Director Sean Kinsella said, “When I think what we have achieved here today is really miraculous. When I was listening to the song ‘Will I be needed when I’m 64?’ – I think we’ve put an answer to that. Some of us are well into our 80s now and I think the performance we put on today – we should be really proud of it. St. Bridget’s Centre is a place where people can come and have friendship, joy and a good time. And we are so delighted that the National Opera House along with the Arts Office in Wexford County Council brought us this beautiful community project that we hope we can continue with in the future.”

The National Opera House gratefully acknowledges the support of Wexford County Council Arts Office which funded the project at St Bridget's Day Care Centre in Wexford.