Team Building

Unique musical team-building events on the stage of the National Opera House


What if we told you there is a 90-minute exercise which will turn your group, regardless of any musical ability, into a real symphony orchestra? In Orchestrate, participants will learn to play real instruments from the four sections of a real symphony orchestra: woodwind, strings, brass and percussion. Once their instruments have been chosen, delegates will learn in different sections under the guidance of expert musicians. When they have been brought up to speed, the whole group comes together to form a might symphony orchestra under the baton of the conductor.

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Minimum of 50 people

€179pp plus vat (min of 50 people)


Free your team with an elegant exercise that hits all the right notes! Tailored specifically to fit into a busy conference schedule, a pair of experienced tutors will introduce delegates to their violin or viola. Once acquainted, players will apply their newfound skills to a composition styled to include the entire group. Morale is sure to swell to new heights once delegates have come together to create wonderful music together as a cohesive unit. This fun activity instils a positive mind-set that will benefit all who take part.

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Minimum of 30 people

€110pp (min of 30 people)


BeatsWork transports your group to the streets of Rio for a team-building experience infused with the infections rhythms of samba. Each individual joins together to create a giant percussion band, playing in time and on cue. Each team is taught the basics of samba beats and technique, then through a variety of warm-up exercises designed to give every participant a strong sense of the required rhythm, they quickly progress to real instruments. Colleagues beat, shake, stamp and drum in time together in a pulsating display of teamwork.

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Min of 25 people

€49pp (min of 25 people)

Boomtime (AKA Tubular Tunes)

Delegates will unite and interact in a fun and energy-filled challenge grounded in the power of music. Cost-effective and an excellent icebreaker. Varying from one to three feet in length, perfectly-tuned and brightly-coloured tubular ‘instruments’ are whacked with drumsticks to create hypnotic and powerful rhythms with everybody in the room playing their part. The genius of this event is its simplicity, there is no need for any tutorials, extra rooms or dividing of the group. Tubular Tunes ensures that your people will be brought together through shared joy and laughter as they perform as one great team.

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Minimum of 50 people

€45pp (min of 50 people)

Bodhrán Workshop

Designed to give an insight into Irish musical culture and to teach each participant how to play the Bodhrán. Our Multi-Instrumentalist will bring live Irish Music to the room to enhance the learning experience and create a vibrant musical atmosphere. It can be performance based as a single group or with two groups which can be more fun and challenging. A video can be made of the performance and given to you as keep sake of your accomplishment.

Minimum of 25 people

€49pp (min of 25 people)

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