Men Should Weep - 57th Wexford Drama Festival Bridge Drama Group

12 March 2020

Wexford Drama Festival celebrates its 57th year of amateur drama and this year will be held in the Jerome Hynes Theatre in the National Opera House for the first time. As one of the longest running festivals in the country, we have entertained Wexford audiences for 5 decades and are delighted to be moving to our new home in the National Opera House.

Bringing the best of amateur drama from around the county we have 8 nights of entertainment, drama and comedy on offer. From classics such as Juno and the Paycock to two plays making their debut on the amateur circuit, there's certain to be something to suit every taste throughout the festival.

On Thursday 12th of March Bridge Drama Group bring us Men Should Weep by Ena Lamont Steward. Men Should Weep tells the story of Maggie Morrisson  in a 1930s Glasgow tenement. When her troubled son, Alec returns to the family home and her daughter, Jenny makes a strike for independence, Maggie must call on all her determination and resilience to keep the family afloat. A classic play, full of energy and humour.