Outdoor Workshop with Alessandra Azevedo Afro-Brazilian Dance & Capoeira

15 June 2021
Tickets: €15

This workshop will take place in Min Ryan Park, Killeens, Co. Wexford. 

Born in the afro-brazilian capital of Salvador in Brazil's north-east, Alessandra Bada moved to the outskirts of Sao Paulo without leaving aside her ancestry. Enchanted by the richness and diversity of African culture - which alongside the Indigenous people are the roots of Brazilian culture - she found in dance the space to remember, celebrate and share the origin of the land that, despite difficulty and inequality, has a people who still find reasons to smile and celebrate.

Alessandra teaches Capoeira and popular Brazilian dances that express the art of everyday people through the body. Bringing rhythms such as Jongo, Coco, Maracatu, Samba de Roda, Frevo, Maculelê, among others. This time she comes to share some  Capoeira with us: the Afro- Brazilian Martial Art, bringing a special guest, instructor Tatu. They’ve been teaching together at  Abada Capoeira Dublin School for the last 4 years in Dublin.

After the amazing experience we will have  with Capoeira, let’s allow ourselves to follow the sound of the drums and indulge in the rhythms of the Afro-Brazilian dance.

African dances became a form of artistic expression in many places where the African diaspora happened. In Brazil, most of the rhythms and dances, including capoeira, were created from this roots.

The ease of movements, the strength of the culture, the resilience and community sense of a people.

Previous dance or Martial Art experience is not necessary.