Alba Technique

23 - 29 July 2020

Do people tell you to “get a grip?”

Do you occasionally feel like you might get ‘out-of-control?”

Want to understand your stress?  {I know, I know—you just want it to Go AWAY!  But that’s not how life works—and this knowledge will help, it really does!}

Solidly neuroscience-based, Alba Technique is safe, healthy, and - while definitely not therapy - very therapeutic. 

While the original studies used actors as the “naive subjects” - and the use for actors, singers, and dancers and anyone who needs professional access to emotion as a tool of the trade is obvious - Alba Technique is for any adult. We are all Human!  We all have emotions!

The 6 Universal biological emotions identified in the studies by Susan Bloch and colleagues are Anger, Fear, Sadness, Joy, Tenderness and Erotic. 

These are for everyone - part of our basic human-ness. These 6 are to human emotion what the 3 primary colours are to painting, infinitely mixable. Wildly beautiful. Very cool-ly Human!

This workshop in the beautiful Festival Room from 10 AM-5 PM, 23-29, July 2020, will leave you with incomparable knowledge of your own - and others - emotional workings. You’ll be freer and more in control of You. 

Full Week: 23-29 July €1,589

3 Days: 23-25 July €817

1st Day: 23 July €273

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