National Opera House Event

Balding Made Me Do It

16 March 2019

Tickets: €25

Claire lost her hair in front of the nation & miraculously grew it back again -

The show is a story of struggle, perseverance and the art of learning how to be yourself. Basically a live Instagram Live with Claire Balding! An evening of fun, lol’s and uplifting & meaningful chats!

Learn how to tell your story. “She is an agent for change and progress, a powerful (and hilarious) antidote to the Irish media’s obsession with waxy women” “Most of the time I am barely conscious that our relationship is not two-way” Rhona McAuliffe, Sunday Independent. “The future is bright for Ms. Fullam and I’ve no doubt that she will do great things in the future”Esther O’Moore Donohoe, 80% PodCast.

Claire woke up 2 years ago to a tiny bald patch on her head – within 3 weeks, she was in a wig. She documented the entire journey on Snapchat & Instagram and has carved out a large audience from all over the world.

No person escapes any form of pain in their life. As humans we don’t seek the painful experiences that mould our identities but we seek our identities through our painful experiences. As humans, we cannot bear a pointless torment but we can endure great pain if we believe it’s purposeful. Claire was meant to lose her hair – it has given her purpose.The show is jam packed full of laughs, inspiration and revelations. We concentrate on the importance & the art of storytelling. The impact your story can have on other people’s lives and how it can change yours.

“A hilarious TED Talk” – is how it has been described. It’s simply Claire, with hair.

Instagram – Claire_Balding