Ballet Ireland’s Nutcracker Sweeties!

30 November 2024
Tickets: €20-€30 Family Ticket: €90 + Facility Fee

Step into the Enchantment of Christmas with Ballet Ireland’s Nutcracker Sweeties!

Join us on a magical journey as Ciara and Fionn embark on a Christmas Eve adventure that will capture your heart and ignite your imagination. In a famous Dublin department store, amidst the hustle and bustle of holiday shoppers, the magic of Nutcracker and Christmas intertwine, weaving a tale of wonder and joy.

As Ciara and Fionn wander off from their parents, they are whisked away into a world of enchantment by the Nutcracker, brought to life in a dazzling display of magic. Surrounded by a glorious blizzard of snowflakes, they are greeted by the Sugar Plum Fairy, who leads them into the kingdom of sweets, where the beautiful Christmas windows come to life before their eyes.

Choreographed by Morgann Runacre-Temple, this exciting production of the festive classic performed by a cast of world-class dancers will appeal to audiences of all ages with its fairy-tale magic, beautiful costumes and a re-imagined Tchaikovsky score. A tale of wondrous adventure that combines to form one of the most delectable Christmas confections imaginable.

Gather with friends and family to experience the beauty and magic of ballet live on stage. After all, Christmas only begins once you’ve seen Ballet Ireland’s Nutcracker Sweeties!