Bridge Drama presents Brighton Beach Memoirs by Neil Simon

31 January - 23 February 2019
Tickets: €15

Meet Eugene Jerome and his family, fighting the hard times and sometimes each other – with laughter, tears and love. It is 1937 in Brooklyn during the heart of the Depression and Eugene lives in Brighton Beach with his family. He is witty, perceptive, obsessed with sex and forever fantasising his baseball triumphs as star pitcher for the New York Yankees. As our guide through his “memoirs”, Eugene takes us through a series of trenchant observations and insights that show his family meeting life’s challenges with pride, spirit and a marvellous sense of humour. But as World War II looms ever close, Eugene sees his own innocence slipping away as the first important era of his life ends and a new one begins.

Tickets €15

Founded in 1998, Bridge Drama is based in Castlebridge, Co. Wexford and are committed to producing quality productions while showcasing local talent. The group have been competing on the 3-Act Circuit for a number of years and highlights include winning the All-Ireland Confined Finals in 2009 with Geraldine Aron’s ‘Same Old Moon’, winning the RTE All-Ireland Open Finals in Athlone in 2016 and also the Ulster Finals with Neil Simon’s ‘Lost in Yonkers’ and achieving 3rd place at the 2018 RTE All-Ireland Finals with Michael Cooney’s 'Cash on Delivery’.