By Billy Roche - Music from Stage and Screen All in the Presence of Billy Roche

20 May 2022
Tickets: €22.50

Billy Roche may be best known as a playwright, but he began his career as a musician and wrote music for most of his plays and his film, ‘Trojan Eddie’ starring the late great Richard Harris.   Now, for one-night only along with some of Billy’s original cohort of musicians and actors, they will revisit some of these songs and perform some new material from Billy's latest creation.; Southeast Radio presenter Alan Corcoran will MC the evening.  Join Billy and his friends Tony Carty, Aileen Donohoe, Mike Odlum, Terry Byrne, and new collaborators; Peter McCamley, David Wray, James McDermott and Odi, for a very special evening.

“It is news to me that my plays and work are peppered with enough songs to supply an evening of music. It all happened organically- or unconsciously I should say. As far as I’m aware Poor Beast In The Rain was the first one when a song called ONE WAY LOVE inveigled its way into the storyline and became a sort of a recurring motif- the notion that all the characters are victims of- or else perpetrators of- a one way love: Joe loves Molly, Molly loves Danger, Danger loves…. Anyway, you get the picture.  And on it went like that throughout the cannon of my work: From I LET MY HAIR DOWN in Amphibians to LOVE MAKES A FOOL OF YOU in TROJAN EDDIE.

A song can capture the very essence of a story in a few short lines; its melody can provide the feeling and emotion that is buried somewhere in the text. – it’s a short cut to the heart you might say.” – Billy Roche

This event is supported by Wexford County Council and The Department of Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media