Corner Boy & Special Guests

10 December 2022
Tickets: €15

For nearly a decade late-night driving, couch surfing and service station dinners fuelled Corner Boy’s ever-evolving foot stomping ramble through the many pubs, clubs, rooms and ruins of every shape and size up and down Ireland and further afield.

As a result a collection of songs quietly willed their way into existence representative of this experience living and learning on the road. 

Fast forward to March 2020 and with the band’s Transit van (Sheila) now indisposed the moment finally arrived for Corner Boy to record their debut album. Under the tutelage of producer Gavin Glass the band sought refuge in Orphan Studios and some 18 months later, emerged from the other side with a debut album in hand.

Very much the aural amalgam, the album explores combinations of folk, rock, traditional, bluegrass and alternative, accompanied by heartfelt lyrics as earnest as they are resonant.

Corner Boy’s debut self-titled album is set for release on Friday 28th October, 2022 with this event serving as its launch show. 

‘From Trad to folk & rock, matched with powerful heartfelt lyrics. A very impressive group, great things ahead for them.’ - Ruth Smith, Simply Folk, RTE Radio 1