National Opera House Event

David Gray, A Solo Acoustic Evening

23 July

Tickets: €51.45

NOTE: This concert is now fully sold out, but please check with box office at 4pm on the day of the show when some seats may become available. 

This tour has been a long time coming. The one and only time prior to this that David Gray toured Ireland solo was in 1995. This was David’s reply when asked what’s changed for him and what’s stayed the same since that solo Irish tour 22 years ago:

“What's changed the most is the way I've grown as a performer. I'm much more relaxed about being up on stage in front of an audience these days and when things go wrong, the audience is noisy, or the gig is a tough one in some way I tend not to lose my head so fast and stay focused on the positive things. What's stayed the same is my intensity, I try to put it all out there every time.”

David Gray gigs are special events, evenings which always pull and push the audience through a range of moods and emotions.

Getting to see David solo after waiting such a long time will be indescribable.

This tour is presented by Born Optimistic, which you can hear on RTE Radio One Extra every Monday at 8pm or anytime you want via iTunes or Stitcher.