Howie the Rookie Presented by Stagemad Theatre Company

4 - 5 April 2019
Tickets: €15

The Howie Lee gets dragged into a bizarre feud of honor involving a scabies-infested mattress against the Rookie Lee, which spirals out of control and ends in his own personal tragedy. The Rookie has problems of his own; Massively in debt to a terrifying gangland figure for killing his prized Siamese fighting fish,he steels himself for a hideous revenge, until he is championed from an unlikely quarter by his onetime enemy. Howie The Rookie is a white -knuckle ride through a nightmare Dublin, where enemies and allies are interchangeable, where most brutal events take on mystic significance. Stagemad are Munster Express/Doolyes Hotel South East Culture  Award winners 2010.

The play features Wexford actor Fintan Kelly and is directed by James Power of Stagemad.

‘Drives you to the depths of humanity's horror, then stops your stomach churning by demanding that you laugh’ - The Irish Times