IT Carlow Wexford Campus Drama Society present Hairspray - The Musical

3 - 3 April 2020
Tickets: €13 - €15

Tracy Turnblad is a chubby young girl who dreams of performing on a popular television dance show and becoming a star! Much to her surprise, Tracy finds out that because of her weight, her chances of being accepted to join the show are minimal. Tracy does not give up and decides to try her luck and against all odds she succeeds and manages to reach the big time in style! There aren’t many characters more lovable than Hairspray’s Tracy Turnblad. The dreamer, she represents the optimism of a new era when white is not right and thin is not always in. She gives voice to those who have been traditionally side-lined because of their skin colour or size, and ushers in a more inclusive world.

This musical is very colourful and is full of rhythm and fun, with lots of underlying positive messages. What happened in Baltimore in 1962 is quite similar to things that happen in today’s world. Black and white issues; people worshipping the celebrities on TV; and this show is a lesson on how to accept people who are a bit different from you – or who has a different colour or shape. It is very important and relevant for today.

The IT Carlow Wexford Campus Drama Society is presenting this adaption of hairspray the musical.  The staff and students have put a lot of time and work into the production along with much action and fun as you’ll see! Luckily enough they have a cast of wonderful dancers and actors to rely on. Students, lecturers and staff members are taking part in this production showcasing their talent, humour and enthusiasm in an entertaining and fun atmospheric way.