Maeve Binchy’s ‘Minding Frankie’ adapted for stage by Shay Linehan

25 May 2018
Tickets: €22/€20

Noel Lynch gets a call from Stella, with whom he shared a drunken weekend. She is dying of cancer but not before giving birth to Noel’s child, leaving him to raise Frankie alone. Noel must prove that he can fill a woman’s shoes and become the best mother that he can be. Along the way, he discovers that it takes a whole village to rear a child, or at least a street. This vibrant production offers a joyful evening enriched by life, love, and second chances.

Adapted for the stage by Shay Linehan
Presented by Breda Cashe Productions

Duration: 80 mins. One interval

“ Best night in the theatre in a long while” - Gay Byrne

“Noel (lovably played by Steve Blount) and Moira Tierney (played by the staggeringly versatile Clare Barrett)” - The Irish Times
“With its gentle, involving nature and its warm comic performances, Minding Frankie…….draws applause and gasps throughout “ - The Irish Times
“Steve Blount and Clare Barrett illuminate the stage ... A pleasure to watch their consummate skill"  - Irish Independent

"Highly entertaining”-  Irish Independent
4 stars - Sunday Business Post

“Funny, moving, and masterfully done, “Minding Frankie” is a thoroughly enjoyable experience that will unquestionably put a spell on you.” - The Arts Review
“Steve Blount and Clare Barrett, as Noel and Moira, as well as a range of other characters, simply surpass themselves.” - The Arts Review
 "Imaginative...Huge charm....A winning duo" - Sunday Independent
"Barrett and Blount...competing for the best comic timing in the business" - The Sunday Times
"Outstanding character actors...deliver the goods to perfection" - Irish Mail on Sunday

"Wonderful...Charming...Perfect for Binchy fans" - Red Curtain Review