National Opera House Event

Miriam Lambert Puppeteer Presents:THE GINGERBREAD MAN

13 April 2019

Tickets: €8

Miriam Lambert Puppeteer Presents:


“Run, run as fast as you can, you can’t catch me I’m the Gingerbreadman”. In this rendition of the age-old tale Miriam Lambert, using herself as a humanette, bakes the gingerbread. The freshly baked biscuit runs, eluding the hungry grasp of everyone - until he meets a very clever fox!

Miriam Lambert has been at the heart of the Irish puppetry industry since her childhood, having grown up with the Lambert Puppet Theatre in Dublin. Trained by her mentor and father, the late Master puppeteer Eugene Lambert, she has played an integral part in the creation of many of the legendary puppet characters and performances in the renowned Lambert productions. Her unique and creative style of puppetry is a theatrical joy for both child and adult to behold.

“Through the imaginative use of simple puppets, Miriam Lambert’s rendition of The Gingerbread Man truly invigorates an age-old tale. The show is introduced by her signature characters, Peek and Boo. These very basic puppets are the forefingers of Lambert’s gloved hands, anthropomorphised only by tufts of fluffy hair on top. Speaking in the international language of gobbledygook, the slapstick comedy of Pick and Boo sets the scene wonderfully for the adventures of the mischievous Gingerbread Man.” Siobhaín O’ Gorman The Irish Theatre Magazine