Philomena Begley and Ray Lynam In Concert with Special Guests

29 May 2024
Tickets: €32 + Facility Fee

Philomena Begley and Ray Lynam are two legends of Irish Country music and have both had glittering careers that spans over 6 decades at the very top. They both have enjoyed massive success and have seen their respective careers hit great heights and scoring countless No.1 hit songs like “Blanket on the Ground, Gypsy Joe and Me, The Queen of the Silver Dollar “ and playing to packed houses in every hall, festival and theatre from Ireland to Tennessee. Both Philomena and Ray have shared stages with the likes of George Jones, Tammy Wynette, and Charley Pride along with all the top Irish stars and are regularly heard on national radio on a daily basis. This upcoming Together Again tour will see both stars duet songs like “My ilusive dreams, We Go together and Somewhere between” to name but a small few. One thing is for sure if it’s Country Music you like then this is a rare chance to see real Country Music Royalty! Special guests on the night are Paddy O Brien, John hogan and Kathy Durkin.

Early booking is advisable.