Music Network presents Anxo Lorenzo, Dónal O’Connor, Jack Talty & Jim Murray

24 January 2020
Tickets: €17
Concessions: €15

Anxo Lorenzo - gaita/whistles
Dónal O’Connor - fiddle
Jack Talty - concertina
Jim Murray - guitar

Over the past ten years Anxo Lorenzo,  Jim Murray, Dónal O’Connor and Jack Talty have been at the forefront of highly creative Galician and Irish music-making – as players, composers, arrangers, accompanists, producers and record label owners. Their individual talents as working musicians have seen them initiate hundreds of thoughtful and innovative projects, and the setlist on this tour will include a Music Network commission from all four performers, their virtuosity and profound understanding of the music underpinning any daring off-piste exploration they might undertake.

Add to that a sharp intelligence and gentle curiosity about where this music sits in the world, how it relates to the world outside and you have a quartet of artists who have made a massive contribution to music in both local and international arenas. Thrilling, soulful, sincere and highly communicative, theirs is a music of people and place, of stillness, of confluence and of us.