National Opera House Event

Shayma Kamar a woman at war!

17 - 19 May

Tickets: €15

Shayma Kamar. A play which compels. 

Wexford-born writer Natasha O’Brien has created a play which entertains as pure theatre. Three actors, one stage, many places between Aleppo and Rosslare. Real people – real life. Philosophical, searching, white-hot. The play was previewed at Wexford Arts Centre at the height of the Calais Jungle siege and received a first class review and energised audience reactions. A kaleidoscope of a production, measured and passionate, which offers actors Finbarr Delaney, Lekan Akinyemi and Natasha O’Brien, playing the title role, scope to explore extremes.

Presented by Riff Raff Theatre, directed by Michael Way.

Blitzkrieg Theatre.