Superstars Stage Academy presents “Let There Be Colour”

11 June 2023
Tickets: €20/€15 + Facility Fee

Tickets: €20 Adults / €15 Children 

Superstars Stage Academy presents “Let There Be Colour” written and directed by Sharon Clancy and Starring the Superstars Stage Academy Kids. This is a heartfelt family show full of fun, singing, dancing and acting with toe tapping and sing along hits! 

The Empress Enya, of Vantablack, can only see in monochrome due to a rare visual condition. She decides that the other lands shall be stripped of their colours and all will fall into darkness. The colour creators are called upon to help guide the way “Help the Empress understand colour without actually being able to see it” As the Vantablack warriors approach each land, will they gathered the colours and their meanings or will they destroy colour forever??? 

Will the Empress have her true dreams come true? Will she finally see the beauty in colour?