The Waterboys

5 December 2018
Tickets: €44

Aiken Promotions proudly presents an intimate show from The Waterboys!

Few bands have changed as much as The Waterboys from their forming in 1983. On their first three albums, Mike Scott sculpted a layered post-punk sound, culminating in 1985’s sky-scraping This is the Sea. Since then the music has never ceased to evolve, from the influential mix of Celtic, gospel, country and rock on the classic 'Fisherman’s Blues', to the fired-up poetic passion of 2011's 'An Appointment with Mr Yeats' and 2015's acclaimed return to prominence, the rootsy, funky 'Modern Blues'.

Their sound bridges the toughness of British/Irish rock and the soulful, funky swagger of the American south. Their latest album Out Of All This Blue was released in 2017 and was their 12th album.