This Beautiful Village by Lisa Tierney-Keogh An Abbey Theatre production

21 - 22 July 2020
Tickets: €25
Concessions: €20

Lisa Tierney-Keogh’s razor-sharp This Beautiful Village premiered at the Abbey Theatre with a sold-out run in September 2019.

‘Paul, darlin’, this isn’t a democracy. It’s a residents association.’

On a quiet street in leafy, suburban Dublin, local residents meet about a piece of graffiti.

Who did it? What does it mean? And what’s to be done about it? They have wine and a quorum. Nothing can go wrong.

Exposing every side of what it means to co-exist in Ireland today, six people will confront their pride, prejudice and privilege.

It won’t be pretty. But it could be beautiful.



Cast TBC

Writer: Lisa Tierney-Keogh

Director: David Horan

Set Designer: Ciaran Bagnall

Costume Designer: Katie Davenport

Lighting Designer: Sarah Jane Shiels

Composer & Sound Designer: Carl Kennedy

Voice Director: Andrea Ainsworth

Dramaturg: Louise Stephens

Casting (2019): Amy Rowan
Casting (2020): Sarah Jones

Production Photography: Pat Redmond

‘★★★★ 'Explosively funny' ’ - Sunday Business Post