Tommy Tiernan presents ‘Paddy Crazy Horse’

12 December 2018
Tickets: €30

Back on the road again, Tommy Tiernan has is touring his brand new show. He rants, raves, dances and acts. He tries to be very silly and very serious at the same time. He mixes a love of comic rebellion and a refusal to be conscripted into a rational view of the world with a deep grá for talking and the poetry of everyday speech. Using high theatricality and lots of dirty words, this is a fast-paced and exuberant celebration of everything that’s wild, wrong and wonderful about being alive right here, right now.

Tommy is well known to Irish audiences, currently writing a weekly newspaper column for the Sunday Independent and recently appeared as Da Gerry in Derry Girls on Chanel 4. He hosts his own improvised chat show on RTÉ and has performed all over Ireland (and the world, but who's counting) as a stand-up comedian for the past 23 years!