Wexford Drama Group presents "The Father" by Florian Zeller, Translation by Christopher Hampton

15 April - 1 May 2023
Tickets: €16

Directed by Paul Walsh 

Andre is a Parisian man facing persecution from all sides, and he refuses to take it any longer. First, some girl, a “helper” whom he doesn’t need at all, steals his favorite watch. Then his daughter, Anne, tries to take his flat away. The beautiful flat he’s had for over thirty years, in which he is still quite capable of living, thank you very much! His daughter Elise, the one he actually loves, where is she? She never comes to visit. Anne’s husband (or lover) Pierre, with whom she is moving to London,or staying in Paris, threatens Andre, and to top it off strangers keep entering Andre’s flat, telling him that they are his friends and family. However aged he may be, Andre knows he still has all his faculties…. Doesn’t he? 

In a darkly humorous and deeply poignant translation by Christopher Hampton, Florian Zeller’s "The Father" is a tragi-comic mystery, a sobering and realistic family story, and an unsentimental, emotionally intense look at aging. 

Wexford Drama Group are proud to say the have qualified for the All Ireland Drama Finals 2023 with this amazing production, winning several festivals around the country and picking up dozens of individual awards.