The Field by John B Keane presented by Wexford Drama Group

1 - 10 August 2019
Tickets: €16

“The Field” is John B. Keane’s fierce yet tender study of the love a man can have for the land and the ruthless lengths to which he will go in order to satisfy his land-lust. It is dominated by Bull McCabe, one of the most famous characters in Irish writing.

John B. Keane is said to have based the play on the 1959 murder of Moss Moore, a bachelor farmer living in Reamore, Co. Kerry. Dan Foley, a neighbour with whom Moore had a long-running boundary dispute, was suspected of the murder, but the rumours were strongly denied by the Foley family and no charges were ever made. It was a story that also involved boycotts, communal silences and a bishop’s sermon to “encourage” those who had useful information to come forward.

Since first performed in the mid ‘60s “The Field” has asserted itself as one of the great classics of Irish Theatre. The iconic status of its now famous characters – The Bull McCabe, Tadhg, Mick and Maimie Flanagan, Dandy and “The Wife” and, of course, The Bird O’Donnell – was further enhanced through the Ben Barnes production in the mid ‘80s.

Wexford Drama Group now has the distinct pleasure in bringing “The Field” to Wexford audiences in the wonderful setting of the Jerome Hynes Theatre in our National Opera House.