Wexford Festival Opera 69th Festival

20 October - 1 November 2020

This year the festival is inspired by William Shakespeare. Each of the three main evening productions in the National Opera House will be based directly, or indirectly, on the life and work of this great poet and playwright. Three day-time operas, entitled, Pocket Operas / Opera Beag will continue this Shakespearean thread, with new productions on the themes of love, fun, and the darker side.

This year’s expanded Festival includes more than 70 performances over 13 continuous days including:

  • 3 main stage operas
  • A new series of daytime Pocket Operas / Opera Beag, performed in both the O’Reilly Theatre and Jerome Hynes Theatre in the National Opera House as well as the Wexford Arts Centre.
  • A special evening concert in the O’Reilly Theatre, National Opera House with the Wexford Festival Opera Orchestra and starring internationally renowned American soprano, Lisette Oropesa.
  • Rossini's Petite messe solennelle in Rowe Street Church.
  • Late night Cabaret des Artistes performances.
  • WFO 2.0 (W- F-O- 2- point- zero): A series of free pop-up, multi-disciplinary performances, featuring music, drama, singing and dance which will be performed in non-traditional settings in various locations around Wexford town. 

“I want to use my wealth of personal and artistic experiences that I have gathered in Wexford over the years to bring our Festival even higher by maintaining its traditions, and also by adding new lifeblood and new creative ideas. Unlike any other opera festival, Wexford will continue to be that unique place where you can discover rare and beautiful works. At the same time, we will add many more parallel events, both in the theatre such as the Lisette Oropesa Gala concert, and WFO 2.0 – a series of ‘pop-up’ performances in spaces around the town. This programme will fill our audiences’ days and nights with art and entertainment, spreading the magic of the Festival through the town to which it belongs.” Artistic Director Rosetta Cucchi.

Find out more at: wexfordopera.com