Wexford Light Opera Society’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame

24 - 29 April 2023
Tickets: €22.50 - €30

For group bookings please contact our Box Office on 053 91 22 144

Suitable for 12+

For this stage adaption of the original 1996 Disney movie, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Scott Schwartz proposed a thrilling new intimate stage vision for Quasimodo's journey into 1482 Paris. Working with Alan Menken, Stephen Schwartz, and book writer, Peter Parnell, Scott and Disney created a new, darker, more adult, and highly theatrical version, inspired by and incorporating original text from the novel and expanding the Disney film's beloved score.

Wexford Light Opera Society are delighted to be able to tell the story of The Hunchback of Notre Dame featuring local talent and our multi award winning chorus. Our Production Team for this musical is:

Director – Thomas O’Leary
Musical Director – Fintan Cleary
Choreographer – Aisling Doyle
Chorus Mistress – Eithne Corrigan

Showcasing themes such as faith, power, discrimination, isolation, and sacrifice, The Hunchback of Notre Dame offers a powerful message of acceptance that will resonate with our audience.

In Paris in the year 1482, Dom Claude Frollo and his brother Jehan were taken in as orphans by the priests of Notre Dame Cathedral. Fun-loving Jehan took up with the Gypsies (Roma) and was expelled. Many years passed and Jehan’s dying wish was for his brother to care for his Romani baby. Grief-stricken, Frollo agreed and kept the child, who he named Quasimodo for his non-normative features, secluded in the cathedral bell tower for many years.

Now grown, Quasimodo is the lonely bell ringer, who longs to be part of the world and is encouraged by his inner voices sneaks out and attends the Feast of Fools. Clopin, King of the Gypsies leads the festivities, Captain Phoebus de Martin takes command of the Cathedral Guard and Quasimodo meets Esmeralda who encourages him to step up to be crowned as the King Of Fools. Frollo watches from a distance as Quasimodo is abused by the crowd and then rescued by Esmeralda from the enraged mob. Frollo chastises Quasimodo who promises he will never again leave the bell tower.

Concerned for Quasimodo, Esmerelda ventures into the cathedral, where Phoebus happens upon her and there is a palpable spark between them. Then, Esmerelda sees Quasimodo and follows him to the bell tower where Quasimodo shares his view of Paris. Frollo arrives and discovers them but taken by Esmeralda, he offers her sanctuary.  She refuses and his obsession with her grows. He convinces himself that Esmeralda is a demon sent to tempt his very soul.

Follo’s obsession with Esmeralda leads to dark twists and turns throughout the musical, for Phoebus, Esmeralda and Quasimodo as loyalties are tested, sacrifices are made, and a race against time to ensure Esmeralda’s safety, but will Quasimodo rescue her in time?

WLOS look forward to bringing this stage version alive in the National Opera House from Monday 24th April – Saturday 29th April 2023.