WexSci Wexford Science Festival

16 November 2019

WexSci, Wexford Science Festival, is delighted to host our Science Showcase lectures at the National Opera House on Saturday 16th of November. This free event includes three separate speakers as part of our Showcase Day and promises to engage and inform audiences alike. Speakers include Dr Niamh Shaw, Dr Sabina Brennan, and Cleary and Connolly from The School of Looking.

Open event. Free Admission

Booking through National Opera House


10.15 - 11.20am

Dr Niamh Shaw combines performance, writing, and her degrees in science and engineering to ignite people's curiosity about planet Earth and our place in it. For WexSci she will present her lecture entitled, Niamh Shaw: A personal quest to breathe in Space. 

In 2014, Niamh Shaw announced to the world that she wanted to go to space; and then she made a show about it in partnership with CIT Blackrock Castle Observatory and ESA ESTEC in The Netherlands. ‘To Space’ explored her impossible dream and the current state of the space industry. With videos, images and personal stories, Niamh shares her progress thus far, illuminating the relevance of space in our society, her progress, her struggles and challenges, the importance of sharing the story of space to the wider population, and explaining why she has devoted the remainder of her life to fulfilling a 40-year-old dream.

Niamh Shaw, PhD is an Irish engineer, scientist, artist, communicator & space explorer.


11.35 am -12.25pm

Dr Sabina Brennan, neuroscientist, will present a lecture entitled: Rejuvenate your brain.

Many people may feel that memory loss and dementia are inevitable parts of ageing. Dr Sabina Brennan, the author of 100 Days to a Younger Brain, explains that this is not necessarily the case.

Sabina will explain that scientific evidence shows that our lifestyle can have a major impact on how our brain functions and reacts to the ageing process.

In her lively and entertaining talk, she will give tips and practical advice on things that we can do now to protect our brain and memory in the longer term. The evidence to date suggests that it’s never too late or too early to start looking after our brain health. Think of it as a pension fund. Healthy brain habits now build the brain’s reserves. It’s a lodgement, like money in the bank for later in life.

Professor Sabina Brennan is a psychologist and award-winning science communicator.

Sabina Brennan PhD., C.Psychol.,PsSI.Trinity College Dublin


12.35- 2.30pm

Cleary and Connolly from the School of Looking will present their talk, A clash of two cultures. This will be followed by a demonstration and opportunity to try their Meta-perceptual Helmets.

In his seminal 1959 Rede lecture, The Two Cultures and the Scientific Revolution, C.P. Snow, British novelist and chemist remarked:

The clashing point of two subjects, two disciplines, two cultures, of two galaxies…ought to produce creative chances.

From a background in architecture, Cleary and Connolly’s work evolved over two decades to embrace science and art as the two inseparable faces of human creativity. They consider that both are necessary to create a balanced, progressive and innovative society and so dedicate their lives to sparking the creative chances that C.P. Snow wished for in his 1959 lecture. 

The artists will talk about the accidental meetings and circumstances that lead them to embrace science in their work, from their first encounter with the Vision Lab at Université Paris Descartes right up to the development of Theatre of the Mind, an exhibition of neuroscience in a theatrical setting with David Byrne in New York.